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The Face Plastic Surgery Center by Thanapan Clinic

“Customized Surgery for your personalized appearance”

The Face Plastic Surgery Center by Thanapan clinic provides a systematic care and treatment in the specialized field in both facial plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. The service are eyes, nose, chin, cheeks, lips, ears surgery, face&neck lifting and facial rejuvenation.

Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Our professional medical staffs are board-certified specialize in “Facial Plastic Surgery”. Each specialized surgical procedure is customized for your personalized appearance and providing the effective and safe surgery with successful result.

The Face Plastic Surgery Center by Thanapan clinic also provides medical consultant both internist and cardiologist for you safety.

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The Face Plastic Surgery Center is in three floors with parking, reception, rest area, facial rejuvenation room, treatment room, consultation room, changing room, operating room and recovery room. Our clinic strong point are patient result and surgeons. We recruit only real board certified in facial plastic surgery. The surgical field use basic instrument. No fancy instrument. The best results comes from surgeon hands and experience.

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